Solid State Gimbals

G-RIG Solid State Gimbals offers high-end camera stabilizing systems. Our products are produced in Austria for a world wide range of filmmakers and cinematographers.

With more than 20 years of experience and passion in research and state-of-the-art development, our team hand-crafts sophisticated ready-to-use products for your productions - right out of the box.


G-RIG’s novel camera system VALOS is a motor-operated 3-axis system that stabilizes filming and substantially enhances hand-held camera shots. The VALOS is a system that is instantly ready to use and doesn‘t need complicated training.

How It Works

The new VALOS-system by and large replaces the “Steadicam” known in the movie industry. A highly sensitive sensor detects natural body movement. The movement information is quickly processed by a microprocessor and passed on to the motors. These motors move the camera, which is mounted on the system, equally into the opposite direction of the natural movement. This creates a stable horizon, enabling smooth and steady motion pictures.

Liberty Of Movement

One big advantage is the unrestricted liberty of movement. Thus, e.g. tracking shots from the floor to an overhead position can be performed. The light weight and slim construction make it very flexible in use. Therefore it is possible to shoot on, out of or in vehicles without any additional mounting. The system also stabilizes filming from aircrafts, e.g. helicopters. Of course, it can be used on in-line-skates or Segways as well.